Basic PHP Coding Part 1

First thing you should do is to find the right coding environment for you, some people prefer to use the notepad, some (including me) prefer using Notepad++ or any other coding-focused applications such as Microsoft Expression.

Start up by creating a .php file in the editing software of your liking, on the first line type in <?php this will tell your server that a PHP code is coming up, after entering the body of our code, we’ll type in the statement ?> this will inform your server that your code is done.

Every thing between <?php and ?> will be read as PHP codes, anything outside of them will be read as a normal HTML code.

If you wanted to add an ignored section inside the PHP code area, you can do so by adding // right before the line, this will come in handy when you’d like to write notes or comments to yourself inside the PHP coding area, all lines starting with // will not be read by the server, and can only be seen through the PHP editor you’re using.

Example : 

//A comment that won’t be read by the server

#Another comment

By using this, you can create larger blocks of ignored texts without having to type in // before each line



End of part 1 of our lesson, next, we’ll be discussing the statements PRINT and ECHO.